Quick overview


  • Over 2000 CFDs for Shares, Commodities, Crypto, Forex and Indices
  • No commissions for trading
  • Tight spreads
  • Trust of over one million clients
  • Over 200 000 active clients in 2019
  • Licence of the FCA, CySEC and ASIC
  • Plus500 is traded on London Stock Exchange
  • Very easy to use trading platform
  • Signing up in several minutes


  • No possibilities of automation or trading robots
  • Limited options for professionals
  • Social trading does not exist
  • Inconvenient for scalping – scalping is prohibited at Plus500


Plus500 trading environment

Trading environment Plus500


Plus500 belongs to the most popular CFD brokers. Its easy to use platform offers great user experience. User gets oriented in platform quite easily and can start making trades within minutes. Simplicity of trading platform of Plus500 is a great advantage over some much more complex brokers where it can take days to get oriented in theirs sophisticated trading platforms.

Try it on demo account

Plus500 offers risk free, charge free demo account which behaves exactly as real account. Main difference is you do not risk your own money, you basically trade with virtual money. It is great for learning different trading orders, getting feel of platform response and so on.

Try trading at Plus500 with risk free demo account.

Open demo account at Plus500

80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Video demonstration

Before starting to describe a CFD broker Plus500, I recommend you to look at a short video introducing Plus 500.


Remember that CFDs are risky financial derivatives, where financial leverage is used for trading. Plus500 is suitable for experienced traders, not for beginners. You should not trade with CFDs unless you have enough experience, since you might lose your capital. Never deposit more money than you can afford to lose.

Brief description of Plus500

Trading environment WebTrader from Plus500

Trading environment WebTrader from Plus500

Plus500 is a worldwide CFD trading service offering trading with CFDs with forex, shares, electronically tradable funds, crypto currencies, commodities and indices. You can chose from over 2000 CFDs covering financial assets from all over the world.

Opening a trading account at Plus500 is easy online process and free of charge. It will take you only a few minutes to fill all necessary info, upload personal documents for verification. Within one day (usually max few hours) your account is opened, fully verified and ready for depositing money. You can start trading with deposit as low as £100.

How I enjoy trading in Plus500

GBP/USD in Plus500 detail

Detail CFD GBP/USD and a narrow spread

I first started trading in Plus500 long time ago back in 2009 when the market with online CFD brokers was still emerging.

I did not belong to the most experienced traders but I felt in love with Plus500 at first sight mostly due to its simple yet intuitive trading platform. No more wondering how can I send order or find list of tradable instruments.

Now is year 2020 and I still love Plus500 same way I used to back before. I still like very much that after logging in I can see a list of instruments that I can trade with.

Simplicity is the most valuable feature on Plus500 trading – I click on CFD I want to trade, I fill in amount I want my position to be and immediately I see how much money will go into this trade. I confirm it with one click and vioala, I am trading!

Regarding the fact that one can trade with more than two thousand instruments in Plus500, speed and simplicity of Plus500 trading platform is extraordinary.

Today I take as norm that when trading with CFDs Plus500 uses concept of margin trading or we can say use of financial leverage when opening trades. However, when I started trading I quite did not know what that leverage means.

Concept of financial leverage is that it is for example possible open 10 times as big trade as having own balance. Such situation leads to bigger profits when markets go in traders direction, as well bigger loses when going against trader. So beware of  this.

Plus500 technical analysis demonstration

Demonstration of technical indicators Stochastic, MACD and Bollinger bands on CFD shares of BMW

Although I do not belong to great lovers of financial analysis and I rather try to trade based on short-term shocks in the supply/demand, experts of technical analysis can really enjoy Plus500.

Besides classical indicators such as floating averages, RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger bands, etc. there are tens of other settings and indicators in Plus500. Price graphs in Plus500 are very well readable and their setup is easy.

Why I also like Plus500  is because of the way I can manage my opened trades. I can easily set up take profit to collect profits when price reaches predefined level or cut loses using stop loss when markets does not go in my direction :).

Plus500 also offers an intelligent tool for protection of open positions, so-called Trailing stop, thanks to which profitable positions are automatically protected against loss if the trend turns. Thanks to these protective tools I don´t have “to sit at the markets” all the time and I still know that I will not suffer any surprising losses.

It is no secret that Plus500 does not charge any fees for its services but it is compensated from the difference between purchasing and selling price of the instrument so called spread.

Plus500 offers one of the lower spreads in the market of CFD brokers and for many CFDs it offers variable spread nowadays.

Plus500 Bitcoin CFD

Trading with CFDs on Bitcoin in Plus500

The last thing I would like to point out when writing this review about Plus500 is a safety of funds.

Clients money are held at separated accounts.

You can imagine how thrilled I am when trading at Plus500, so why dont you give this broker a spin?

Opening an account is fast, fully online process which takes you only a few minutes.

Open account Plus500

80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Main characteristics of Plus500

Financial leverage up to 1:30
Spread variable
CFD types for trading shares, forex, commodities, indices, funds, bitcoins
Number of instruments for trading more than 2 000
Type of the broker CFD
Trading software proprietary
Minimum deposit £100
Free demo account YES
Options for money deposit and withdrawal Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer
Duration of money withdrawal 1-3 working days, depending on the method of withdrawal
Application proposed for systems Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, Web
Licence and regulation Financial Conduct Authority, CySEC, ASIC
Number of active clients more than 200 000 in 2019
Separation of clients´ money from company´s money YES
Value of Plus500 according to market capitalization more than £1 billion (April 2020)
Date of incorporation 2008
Web pages

* Terms and conditions apply

Strengths of Plus500

Plus500 IPO LSE

Plus500 with IPO at London Stock Exchange

As has been already mentioned, Plus500 has really excellent trading platform suitable for even less experienced traders that will benefit from its clean design, simplicity and very good response times.

A big advantage is also a good quality and fast application for smart phones, so one can be at the market almost anywhere and anytime.

Speed is generally a strength of Plus500. Opening of a trading account is fast. Money depositing is fast. Display of current market prices of instruments is fast. Execution of placed orders is fast. Even a client´s support communicating is fast and even money withdrawals are fast, they take generally 1-3 working days.

Plus500 is proud sponsor of Atletico de Madrid

Plus500 is proud sponsor of Atletico de Madrid – champion of La Liga

Regulation is another reason why I consider Plus500 safe broker.

Plus500 is mothers company seated in Israel and has numerous subsidiaries for world wide clients.  For UK traders there is subsidiary Plus500 UK regulated by a British supervisory authority FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Plus 500 also have another branches like Plus500 CY Ltd. for European traders and  Plus500 AU PTY Ltd. for Australian traders and Plus500SG for Singapore.

Moreover, money of the clients are held absolutely separately from the money of the company;

The total value of the company Plus500 calculated as market cap fluctuates over £1 billion.

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80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Weaknesses of Plus500

Nothing is perfect and that is also true in case of Plus500.

Plus500 is not the best choice for expert traders who are able to program their own trading robots. It is a pity. Spreads at Plus500 are relativelly low, often sub 1 pip for EUR/USD and a well-designed trading automat might profit well at such a markets. Therefore, if you are looking for a broker at whom you will use your automated trading system, you are unlikely to succeed with Plus500. Plus500 is for ordinary traders of “flesh and blood” not for robots.

Not to forget to mention Plus500 prohibits scalping that is considered as “majority of trades closed within 2 minutes from opening”. So if this is your trading plan, you should look elsewhere.

I would consider another weakness the fact that there is no possibility to connect more computers to control more markets at the same time as it is possible with some competing brokers.

On the other hand only professional traders trading 8 hours a day in expensive software such as Reuters Xtra3000 or Bloomberg will miss this possibility.

Plus500 bonus *

In past Plus500 offered bonuses to new clients but due to new regulations, European customers are no longer eligible to getting any bonuses from Plus500.

Clients from Australia can still earn bonuses at Plus500.

Experience with Plus500

In this part of the review I publish selected e-mails and comments from the discussion of readers. It is done so always with author´s agreement.

Adam Lee, 39 years, Bristol
I praise this review and discussion very much, I have been trading at Plus500 since June 2010, and I can highly recommend Plus500 to everybody who wants to start trading and try to earn some money. Great “thank you” to admin for a great idea.
Manufacturing and sales of furniture
Petr Harwey, 32 years, London
I opened Plus500 a couple of days ago. Such a simple platform is a pleasure and trading in it is really cool. I can say I have tried more CFD brokers and this is one of the simplest ones. For me the best choice.
CNC operator, PreciCut
Derren Blake, 29 years, Liverpool
After outrage at the crisis and development of events after 2009, when prices of financial assets were flying up and down I realised that one can easily earn a lot of money from that. I chose Plus500 as a partner for my trading already at that time and since then I have been successful in appreciation of my money that would hardly cover the inflation if deposited in a bank.
IT analyst, Chimera Soft
Amy Liam, 41 years, Manchester
I had known Plus500 already many years. I deposited £1,000 and immediately started with forex. It appeals to me that I can open the positions already from £20, so I do not use all my capital which serves as a safety pillow for me.
teacher in the kindergarten Colours


Strength is in simplicity and this is absolutely true with Plus500. This simple and clear trading platform is popular worldwide as it brings its clients exactly what they expect from it.

Well designed intuitive trading environment, fast orders execution, affordable spreads, world class regulation and reputation of well known and established CFD broker traded at LSE.

Although I would like to give Plus500 the highest ranking, I cannot, as perfect things do not exists. There is always something to improve and several things could surely be found even with Plus500.

Therefore I give 9 stars out of 10.

Date of review 25.4.2020

Start trading now

80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Discussion about Plus500


  1. A very good review. I keep my fingers crossed and I am on your side. I am pleased to see positive words about Plus500, as there are a lot of half-truths and myths about Plus500 on the Internet, which discourage traders from this excellent platform. I have been trading in Plus500 already for 2 years and in the last half of the year I have been finally starting to live on trading, more or less. I started with only £1000 but thanks to hard work, discipline and a bit of courage I am starting to enjoy the fruit. I still have a lot to learn but I know for sure that Meta trader brokers with spread of 3 and fees for administration of the account are not for me. Here I am more than happy and believe that everybody who tries Plus500 simplicity once, will not want anything else.

  2. On Friday I downloaded the demo, got the £20 bonus and bought shares. But then I realized that there is no trading at American Stock Exchange over the weekend and therefore my positions stayed open a bit against my plan. However, when I registered today, I saw a pleasant surprise: £87 profit:). Just so, for waiting over the weekend. So I am thinking about learning it a bit and trying to invest. But is it safe to invest money in Plus500? Can I get first deposit bonus? And what about payment of the money? I hope to succeed further and to be able to withdraw my investment and then only trade with earnings, that would be superb.

  3. Hello. Can anybody advise me how income form Plus500 is taxed? In 2014, about the middle of the year, I invested something more than 2 thousand and I got to about 15 thousand till the end of the year. I don´t want to withdraw it all by now, I withdrew about 4 thousand only once already last year, but now I would like to withdraw maybe 5 thousand but I don´t know if it will be taxed as for the last year or only in this year, if I withdraw it this year. And which is the correct tax rate, please? Must I declare to tax those 4 thousand or not? Thank you, I hope you will advise me.

  4. Hello, I would like to ask you if it is possible to make one´s stable living on trading at Plus500, how it is with taxation, when is trading in Plus500 closed over holidays and when it starts again. Thank you very much for your reply;)

    • Hello,
      As any other profession trading at Plus500 also requires hard work, and discipline to learn something. One cannot expect to become a top trader over night, but one can really live on trading. Markets are nothing more than a place where the whole world buys and sells again and again. And you, as a trader must recognize where the market will go and when:)
      Now a very interesting option in Plus500 is trading with the Bitcoin since if you follow the news and activities around the Bitcoin, you will find out quite easily, where the price of Bitcoin will go..
      Profits from Plus500 must be taxed every year, i.e. if you are in a positive balance in one year (i.e. more money arrived to your account from Plus500 than you had invested) it is necessary to pay a capital gain tax from financial derivatives. Regarding trading over holidays, weekends and others – Plus500 is open 24 hours all the year round. You can easily register at midnight, on Sunday, etc. It depends, however, whether the adequate stock exchanges, whose instruments you want to trade with, are open or not. E.g. American shares are traded on New York stock exchanges, which are open e.g. only from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm GMT and are closed on weekends and on holidays. Forex is a decentralized market and trades in currencies from New York to Sydney, so you can buy major currency pairs usually from Monday to Friday at any hour, nevertheless even forex stock exchanges close over the weekend. But e.g. new markets of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Litecoin are not traded at classical stock exchanges, but only at on-line stock exchanges, which are open non-stop and therefore you can trade at them non-stop even at Plus500, i.e. even on Christmas Eve:)

  5. Good morning,
    I would like to ask you about your experience with Plus500, both positive and negative ones. Thank you.

    • I had traded at Plus500 earlier without any problems. At the end I gave it up, because it started driving me crazy and gradually there was more and more money involved and it caused me too much stress.. Pay attention to this.
      What concerns withdrawals, I withdrew the money many times and the money was usually on my account in 3 days.
      When I started at Plus500, I can remember how tempting it seemed to me trying to withdraw the “£20 gift”, but then my colleague recommended me better to invest some of my own money first and take also another bonus for investment. I invested only a little, about £100 , but I got another £20 and trading with £140 is much better than with only £20.
      It was also necessary to accomplish 20 trades before I was allowed to withdraw their bonuses, not too difficult. It is enough to look somewhere at account setup and you can find there how much you have to trade before the bonus is yours.
      However, it is always good to make some investment, they do not like withdrawals of those £20 and profits without any investment too much, and who would do. Nevertheless, who is at least a little serious about trading, must make the investment, since one cannot trade much with those “training” £20; it is only for minimum purchase of one instrument, not more. Moreover, it takes too long to trade the bonus with so little money. After all, money with Plus500, i.e. on separate British accounts are, in my opinion, much safer than on some regular account.
      Uf, I wrote a lot,… I hope it helped a bit, bye JohnMar

  6. Overall, I am very happy at Plus500. It is easy to use and with early bonus’s €25 paid out straight away to trading account I practiced on the demo account first. Sure I have made a few errors when buying high and selling low but so far I am on a learning curve and I am well in profit. It is easy to pay in and cash out. Thanks use on my iPhone 6 I am always able to keep an eye on what’s rising or falling.

  7. HI Guys, I just wanted to know if I can be sure Plus500 is really a reputable broket? I have had bad experience with so many brokers so I dont want to get busted again :/ Last was Alpari.. Hope Plus500 is OK, but you can never know. So far been trading only in demo and I really love their trading platform, it is so stupid easy 😀 have fun with trading.. let me know your stories and if Plus500 is safe to deposit to 🙂

  8. I have a question about Plus500 – I was trading an oil on a real account but market was going against me. So it happened I not only lost all my money (ok, it was only £200 so no big deal) but my balance went to like – £65 before it was finally closed and now my balance is zero. My question is – what was it? How can I have negative balance? Can I get into any troubles with having negative balance on my account ? Do I have to send them any money for that? And what if I now deposit another money, will they deduct the negative balance out of it or will I receive it all? Thanks for help

    • Hi Carla. Dont worry, Plus500 will never want anything from you to pay like debt or so. You cant never really get into negative balance with Plus500. They only allow you to trade with negative balance for a while to see if you cant turn around, and if not, then they clear your negative balance and you start again with fresh zero. If you deposit another money, you start with all the money you deposited in, so no worry.

  9. How do you guys use tick graph in Plus500? I have found out that that Plus500 has one of the best tick graphs out there, so that is super cool for making scapling strategies. Are they allowed though in Plus500?

  10. Hi Guys, does Plus500 broker have some binary options? I love forex, I love CFD you know, but binaries has become biiiig last year so I would like some “full service broker” you know..

    • Hi Tony, Plus500 doesnt have binary options for trading, but it is not problem. Binary options are quite “casino” and it is really hard to earn some money on it. You are much better of trading with classic CFDs without any expiration date and fair payout. Payouts on binary options are very low and no serious trader is trading on them. If you know the direction of market, you can make more money by trading CFDs, not binary options.

  11. I have deposited £400 and got their bonus £100 which I started trading with, wen to £1000 and then back, but I am not sure if trading is for me, so can I now withdraw some money and maybe continue with less and take slower peace?

    • Hi Marco, that depends on how much did you roll your bonus. You can check your status at your financial statements under bonus tab. Either way, if you have your bonus rolled on or not, you can always withdraw you own money from Plus500 with no problem.

  12. Hi traders! How is new binary options trading in Plus500? Why dont you write something abotu this opportunity here ? I would really appreciate it 🙂 Thanks and keep up good work, I really like this site!

    • Hi Scott, taxes are not automatically deuced from your account. You have to pay revenue tax from profit you made at Plus500 each year.

  13. How come one can trade oil at Plus500 when other brokers close their trading desk for oil in face of Covid crisis?

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